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Trends in Workout Wear - From Jane Fonda and the 20 Minute Workout to 2017

The 80's

In the 80's the big trend in workout wear was a full body leotard with a colourful thong over it or tights with a thong over them with a sports bra.  We were inspired by Jane Fonda and the 20 Minute Workout!  Yes, this was fitness fashion in the 80's and lots of us were rocking this look!




It has not been uncommon to see a pair of tights, that are a bit too thin showing a thong underneath.  This image is a bit of an exaggeration of this trend, but we've all seen the thong under workout pants.


 Today's Workout Fashion Trend

Today we are trending toward workout leggings with designs that accentuate our curves!  These pants are super cute.  The company name is Aim'n,  the website says it was started by 2 happy girls from Sweeden.   I think they are onto something!



Gym Shark is UK company who is doing something similar, its also cute and looks super comfy!  This is the Flex Crop Legging.  I saw these on a girl at the gym and was inspired enough do research them. https://www.gymshark.com/collections/bottoms/womens

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