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      Do you know what a Cami Bra is?

      Do you know what a Cami Bra is?

      What is a Cami Bra?


      Front View of Cami Bra

      A Cami Bra is just like your regular bra!

      Its made with underwires for lift and support

      A band for support

      Soft molded cups to enhance your shape and provide extra coverage

      It has adjustable straps

      An adjustable band with hook and eye

      What makes a Cami Bra different from other bras is the added fabric that covers the cups as well as providing cleavage coverage. 


      Inside View of Cami Bra

      The 9to5 Cami Bra has been awarded patents in Canada and the United States for design and utility.



      Patent Your Invention in 5 Easy Steps



      You know you have a unique invention.  You've created a prototype and you wonder, should I bother with a patent?  The answer is yes.  Here are 5 simple steps to patenting your product.

      1. Do your homework, research the CIPO and USPTO sites to ensure your product is unique

      2. If you can't afford to hire an attorney, you can do it yourself.  (I takes time and dedication, but you can do it!)

      3. Don't let anyone but your "circle of trust" know about your invention.

      4. Find a mentor who has done this before and don't be afraid to ask for advice. Most people are happy to help out, they've been there before and know how you feel.

      5. Once you have filed your paperwork, be sure to pay your fees and respond to all correspondence with CIPO and USPTO on time.

      Anytime you need assistance, contact the patent office they are super helpful and from my experience very pleasant too!

      Good Luck, you'll be happy you took the first step to patenting your invention!