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      AT CLAiR BLOG — Panties

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      Shopping Online is Where Its At!

      What you wear under that dress can make or break your look.  Bumps and bulges or pantyline...nobody wants to see a photo of themselves at an important event and wonder, why didn't someone tell me you could see my bra strap or pantyline?

      Whether you're off to the  office or out for a night on the town, wearing the right underpinning is key!

      Why not try shopping and ordering your Shapewear and bra online?   You can peruse the internet in search for the perfect underthings.  It's super fun when the parcel arrives at your door!  Best of try it on in the privacy of your own home, in lighting that makes you look good and in a mirror of your choosing.  If you've already got the outfit and are looking for the right underpinning, you have it there...right down to the shoes!

      Grab your tablet, phone or computer and shop till your hearts content!