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 Welcome to A T CLAiR!
As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I've always cared about helping my clients look and feel their best.  As a business woman, I want the same for myself. I had a closet full of great dresses and blouses that I just couldn't wear to work. This is how I was inspired to create a solution for myself and make it available for everyone.
I began searching for a bra that would cover cleavage.  I looked in stores, I searched the Internet and it just didn't exist.  
In the meantime, I wasted countless dollars purchasing possible solutions such as bodysuits, tank tops, tube tops and camisoles. They bunched up under dresses, created bulk, gave a "uni boob" and were uncomfortable. Not the seamless look I wanted.  I tried sewing fabric to bras, folding over my cami's and tank tops to see if that would be the solution. Because of that I finally decided if I couldn't find a cami bra anywhere, I could create one.  
What I began developing is now known as the 9to5 Cami Bra.  It is the perfect wardrobe solution to clothes that are just too low cut.  I doubled my wardrobe when I developed the 9to5 Cami Bra. All those great dresses and blouses that sat in my closet can be worn anywhere, anytime. Fast forward to 2021, the 9to5 Cami Bra and Shape are both heading to the gym as well as the office and everywhere else.  You may purchase it to wear to work, but try it all the gym too!

You're going to love your 9to5 Cami bra and the versatility it brings to your wardrobe, I guarantee it!


Andrea Clair