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Invest In This Rather Than Boob Job Surgery!


You could spend $10,000.00 on a boob job or a fraction of that on a good bra that fits properly and some exercise.  If you feel like your boobs aren't what they used to be, try these tips first before you head to your plastic surgeon.

First things first, get yourself a bra that fits well and provides great support and lift.  When designing the 9to5 Cami Bra we wanted a bra that offered great lift and support for "the girls".  The 9to5 line of bras offers that as well as comfort.  There are lots of great bras on the market, be sure you get the correct size, most women wear bras that don't fit properly, therefore, won't provide the shape you want.  

Secondly, upper body exercises will increase muscle in your bust area resulting in better cleavage and fuller chest.

Come back later this week for exercises to lift and shape your boobs!