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Oh My Gorgeous Cami Bra was lace, do you think we should make the 9to5 Cami Bra in Lace?

Soma Cami Bra was lace - 9to5 Cami Bra is smoothe

Soma Intimates used to make the Oh My Gorgeous Cami Bra in lace.  It appears to be discontinued.   Do you think Wink Intimates should make the 9to5 Cami Bra in lace as well as the smoothe version that you love so much? 

We would like to add some new colours and would love some feedback from you!  Some thoughts are, nude, soft pink, ivory and animal print.  Let us know what colours you need in your wardrobe.


If you used to buy Oh My Gorgeous Cami Bra from Soma're in Luck! Try the 9to5 Cami Bra by Wink Intimates - Since 2009

Soma Intimates no longer offers their Oh My Gorgeous Smooth or Lace Cami Bra, Wink Intimates has been selling and will continue to sell the 9to5 Cami Bra at

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