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Stop Migraines with Anti-Inflammatory Diet


You can stop migraine headaches by changing your diet. I know this because my migraines have stopped since I started following an anti-inflammatory diet. The Lyn-Genet Plan reduces chronic low grade inflammation which is the basis for premature aging, disease and weight gain.

The Plan is designed to reduce inflammation in your body. I didn't know my body was in a state of inflammation which caused migraines.

It's been almost a year since I changed my diet. I have not had a migraine since the day I started The Plan. It really isn't a diet. I know everyone says that about diets, but in this case its true! There are 3 phases to the Plan and you will not be hungry.


Phase 1 - 3 day cleanse

Phase 2 - structured testing phase

Phase 3 - Testing on your own


Be sure to read the entire book before starting the Plan, its full of valuable information and great recipes.

Everyone can benefit from reducing inflammation and if you suffer from migraines, this is worth trying!