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      AT CLAiR BLOG — Holiday Party

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      One Simple Addition to Create the Perfect Holiday Outfit!



      Just a bit too much cleavage for business or family function.
      Add a 9to5 Cami Bra and voila! Perfection!!


      Tis the season to dress up and head out to the family (or office) festive party or after-work dinner – and everyone needs a game changer to, well…change things up! Hmm....what to wear? We all have that “outfit” that’s not quite right for a family party or post-work office function, but you love it! Well love it enough to wear it with the confidence it deserves! You can totally wear and rock that outfit with one simple addition (hint: it’s not jewelryJ).

      While recently browsing my own wardrobe I had a dilemma of my own, then I found the answer. My passion for my 9to5 Cami Bra was re-ignited! Black angora sweater dress, too low for a family function, DVF wrap dress...also too revealing, cream blouse...too much cleavage. Here I am, many years after creating the 9to5 Cami Bra and it’s still a game changer for my wardrobe.

      If I didn’t have my 9to5 Cami Bra, I would have had a serious fashion conundrum! Armed with my 9to5 Cami Bra and Cami Shape I was self-assured that I could wear anything in my closet and know that I'm dressed appropriately for my family gathering!

      Don’t be afraid to try mixing the 9to5 Cami Bra and/or shaper into your existing apparel selection. Buy one in each color, put on some lipstick and feel totally confident that nothing is where it shouldn’t be.


      You can throw a jacket or blouse on the next day (with the other color) and totally pull together a great office look. It’s the gift (to yourself) that keeps on giving.